I am a freelance media professional based in Hong Kong. My interest lies in producing legal, horse racing, lifestyle and cultural content.  My articles have been published in the high end luxury racing magazine Thoroughbred Daily News Weekend (TDN) in the USAGallop Magazine in Sweden, Hong Kong's MingPao Daily, Hong Kong Economic Journal, TimeOut, Bloomberg News and theCulturetrip.com

Prior to freelancing, I worked full time as a TV News Reporter, Anchor and Producer for international media and Hong Kong's largest free to air broadcaster. I have also worked in the in-house news team for a global bank to produce corporate communication content for their award winning internal video channel. 

Born and raised in Hong Kong, educated in the UK, I am fluent in Mandarin, Cantonese and English. 

我是一位居住於香港的自由身傳媒人。我的興趣在於撰寫跟法律賽馬時尚生活相關的文章。我的文章曾刊登在美國高端賽馬雜誌 “Thoroughbred Daily News Weekend”(TDN)瑞典 Gallop Magazine明報香港經濟日報,TimeOut,彭博新聞theCulturetrip.com

在從事自由身傳媒工作前,我全職在國際媒體和香港最大免費電視台擔任新聞記者,主持人和監製。此外, 我還在一家英資銀行的內部新聞團隊工作,為銀行屢獲殊榮的內部視頻製作企業傳播內容。


Email: cchanemily@gmail.com


I occasionally share what I eat on my instagram @emsxbelly